Introducing Tagzie

Welcome to our brand new Tagzie website – we hope you like it! We are delighted to have a website that feels exciting, the same way we feel about Tagzie.

For those discovering Tagzie for the first time, allow us to introduce you to what Tagzie is…

What is Tagzie?

Tagzie is a social shopping platform with integrations for Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and most importantly, Instagram.

Buying and Selling on Instagram

Having tried to both buy products on Instagram and sell products on Instagram, we’ve seen first-hand how difficult it can be. We’ve witnessed the desperate lengths people go to try to purchase over Instagram, such as negotiating a purchase publicly in the comments, disclosing personal details, or having to utilise the link in bio only to be taken to the brands homepage, then having to try to find the product you wanted, only to then have to register on yet another website and provide personal and financial information just to place an order.

We started developing Tagzie in early 2016 in the hopes of providing a secure and intuitive way of shopping straight from an Instagram post.

How to Purchase through Instagram with #Tagzie

Once you’ve downloaded and registered on the Tagzie app, it’s super simple to purchase from Tagzie’s approved and enabled brands.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Comment “#tagzie” on a Tagzie-enabled Instagram product you wish to purchase
  2. Tap on the notification you receive to initiate the checkout
  3. Swipe through our friction-free and secure checkout process
  4. Order complete in just 5 swipes

That’s it! With one Tagzie account, you can shop from all Tagzie enabled brands over Instagram.

Tagzie has a raft of security features too. Your payment details are never shared with the brand or with Tagzie, it’s stored with our secure payment processor. Your personal details are only shared with the seller once you’ve placed a successful order so that the seller knows who and where to ship your items to. All Tagzie brands are verified so you can shop confidently.

How to Sell on Instagram with Tagzie

Tagzie is a full-fledged standalone e-commerce platform. That means you do not need any other tools nor even a website. You list your products via the Tagzie app and publish it to your social media channels. The final steps of publishing a product take place on Instagram, so you can add your favourite filters to get your pics looking fabulous!

Tagzie has tools to help you with inventory management, sales and invoicing, orders and despatch, tax and reporting, refunds and communication, plus much more.

It’s completely free to use Tagzie until you make your first sale, after which you can choose which subscription level you wish to continue with. There are free packages available.

For more details, please see our How to Sell on Instagram video walk-through, or see our Selling page for further details on our plans.

What’s Next?

Download the Tagzie app to get started.

We have so many exciting things to look forward to that we’re developing in the lab. We will reveal more details on each new feature as we get nearer to each release.

Keep an eye on our blog for more news from the Tagzie team!

Happy shopping 🙂

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