April’s Tagzie Update

We have just rolled out one of our most substantial updates to the Tagzie app yet, now available on iOS and Android versions of Tagzie.

Bundled in this update are several new features and a raft of user experience optimisations.

Publish Multiple Images

One of the most requested features from our sellers is the ability to have more than one picture attached to their product post.

Previously, we had just one picture (i.e the one posted to Instagram) as the sole picture attached to a product.

We are delighted to now allow up to 8 additional product photos to the Tagzie post. This means sellers can show off their products in more detail, show alternative colour ways, and generally help potential customers make better purchasing decisions.

There will still be the one main image attached to the post, which is published on Instagram. However, now when a customer replies #tagzie on the post, within the Tagzie app they will be able to swipe through the additional images and swiftly purchase the item if desired.

Credit / Debit Card Scanning

We wanted to eliminate that frustration of having to manually input your card details and help speed up the process of adding payment sources to your Tagzie Wallet.

As such, we have now introduced a card scanning mechanism that uses your phones camera to scan your bank card and collect as many of the characters from the card as possible without you having to type them. This makes adding a card to Tagzie as simple as pointing your phones camera at your bank card.

Security and protecting our customers is always our first priority and we wouldn’t implement any feature that we didn’t feel comfortable using. This card scanning feature doesn’t save any photos or send the images to be processed. For any technical readers, we have examined the network packets (and encourage you to do the same) and can confirm everything is processed locally within the Tagzie app like magic.

Adding your card to Tagzie couldn’t be easier!

Extended Free Trial for Sellers

We wanted to give our existing sellers and all potential new sellers the opportunity to use these new features on Tagzie and as such, we have extended our free no obligation trial from 30th April to 31st July.

If you are interested in becoming a seller, there are more details on www.tagzie.com/selling. Simply search Tagzie on the app store, download and create an account on the app. Then go to ‘Settings > Start Selling on Tagzie’ to enrol as a Seller.

Enrolling as a seller requires a separate registration which may ask you to upload proof of identity (which could be a scan/photo of your driver’s license or passport). This additional registration helps us and our finance partners to adhere to KYC guidelines and verify you are a legitimate seller. This in turn allows us to put you forwards as a verified seller on Tagzie, ensuring our marketplace remains a place where customers can shop in confidence.

We look forward to seeing how our sellers use these new features and as always we welcome feedback from both sellers and customers so we can continue to improve Tagzie for all our users.

Damien Appadoo, Cofounder & Director of Innovation
@tagzieHQ / www.tagzie.com

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